PHP Programmer

About Me
I am an individual LAMP developer.
Which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP.
I have edited/added code to sites like;
Joomla, iRealty, and osCommerce
I usually work on sites that have been in operation for some time, but I can create sites from scratch.
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Glenn Christensen
San Pedro, CA 90732

Flash Players: MP3 / Video
The players that I have made will work "right out of the box", but the service that I am offering is the editing of the players to suit your needs and the installation of them into your web site.

PDF Creator
  • Create PDF files dynamically.
  • From an online form
  • From a database
  • Programmed in PHP
  • Simple Example
    (will open up in a new browser tab)
pdf creator
My Knowledge
  • PHP Programming
  • MYSQL DataBases
  • JavaScript, JQuery->Ajax
  • Flash Animation
  • OScommerce
  • iRealty
  • Smarty Templates
web site design

Template Installation, Integration
If you have a template already chosen
and you need....
  • an online form set up and connected to email.
  • database access
  • file uploads
  • and any other programming for the template
Template Installation
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